General Purposes and Limitations

The primary interest of the Trust is to support institutions that are involved with the education and cultural enrichment of youth ages 6 to 18 in under-resourced neighborhoods of the city of Boston. Supported programs take place in a variety of settings, including high-performing elementary, middle, and high schools; after school programs; academic preparation and readiness programs; and youth development programs based in nonprofit organizations.

The Trust gives priority to high-performing organizations that measure impact and are able to demonstrate growth and vibrancy. As we expect continued pressure on our grantmaking capacity, applicants should be able to demonstrate their ability to replace Schrafft funding in future years. Requests for support for current operations should not constitute a significant portion of the organization’s total expenses. Due to limited grantmaking capacity, preference may be given to smaller organizations where a grant would have the highest impact.

Most grants from the Schrafft Trust are awarded to institutions that have been operating for at least three years with a record of service to the community. It is not the policy of the Trust to concentrate on one or a very few charities or to make specific pledges for more than one year. When reapplying for funds, the applicant should provide evidence of the program’s effectiveness by completing the AGM Common Report Form.

Under the terms of the Trust, gifts may be made only to registered 501(c)(3) corporations organized under the laws of Massachusetts and operating exclusively for charitable purposes.